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Clear PVC Pipe and Clear PVC Fittings

Clear PVC pipe and fittings provide a versatile, cost-effective alternative for many plastic piping applications, particularly where visual monitoring of the process is important. Our clear pvc is corrosive resistant, has smooth interior walls, non-contaminating; fast, reliable solvent welded connection; good pressure-bearing capability and ease of handling and installation. Note: Pipe and Fittings have a SLIGHT BLUE TINT. Clear PVC pipe and fittings are now available in UV resistant. PLEASE NOTE that PVC/CPVC piping products are not recommended for the transportation or storage of compressed air or gases, nor the testing of these systems using compressed air or gases.

We provide clear PVC pipe in Schedule 40 & Schedule 80 and clear PVC fittings in schedule 40. The clear rigid PVC pipe and fittings will be an excellent choice for most applications. The clear pipe (clear PVC) provides the all-round visibility that specialized applications demand. But clear pipe and fittings can be used in numerous projects and applications... from Chemical Processing to Food / Beverage Industry.

Special Notes:

  • PIPE IS CUT INTO TWO 5 FOOT SECTIONS FOR SHIPPING (8", 10" & 12" can be purchased in ONE 5 FOOT SECTION).
  • Orders weighing more than 150 lbs. or OVERSIZE (such as PVC sheets) require special shipping. You will be contacted with the shipping cost.
  • OEM and large quantity discounts available, please contact the Sales office at 1-888-941-3030.
  • Most orders are shipped within 24 - 48 hours after receipt of order.
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