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Clear PVC Static Mixers, Series 308

In response to a growing need for high quality PVC static mixers at a lower price, Koflo developed the Series 308 PVC Static Mixer. This unit is a clear PVC static mixer, which unlike other static mixers, allows for a visual inspection of the mixing process. All Series 308 static mixers are made in standard 6 inch element and 12 inch element configurations. Additionally, all PVC static mixers are edge sealed to the inside of the housing. The advantages of edge sealing are two fold. Not only does edge sealing increase mixing efficiency, but this bonding method also increases the structural integrity of the entire mixer. All mixers come standard with male NPT threads.

One of the primary uses of the Series 308 static mixers is in the dilution of polymers and flocculants. With proper blending, it is quite common to recover the cost of a mixer in a relatively short period of time, due to the lower chemical costs associated with better mixing. Other static mixer applications include
  • Admixing of water treatment chemicals
  • pH control
  • Chlorination and ozonation
  • Process control sampling
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