GF Harvel Clear™ PVC Pipe Schedule 40

The clarity of the GF Harvel Clear™️ PVC pipe make it ideal for medical and hospital use, food and beverage processing, laboratory applications, chemical processing, electroplating and other water and fluid applications that require transparent pipe for visual monitoring and non-contaminating processes. The smooth interior walls and rigid design allow for maximum flow while decreasing sediment or other particulate accumulation.

GF Piping Systems go through a rigorous quality control process that guarantees the product meets or exceeds the listed specifications, fulfills the customer's needs and performs at the highest levels.

We also offer GF Harvel Clear™️ piping system in Schedule 80 and UV Resistant (Schedule 40 and ThinWall) options.


Shipping & Pipe Lengths

This GF Harvel pipe comes from the manufacturer in 10 foot sections. This exceeds the maximum allowed lengths for common carriers such as UPS and FedEx, so LTL Freight Carrier is the only shipping option. We do provide the option of cutting the pipe into two 5 ft. (or other lengths) if you prefer shipping via UPS or FedEx.