Ratchet Sheers, 2 in. IPS Cutting Capacity

Ratchet Sheers, 2 in. IPS Cutting Capacity

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Brand - Reed

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Ratchet shears with hardened steel blades are ideal for cutting PE, PP, PEX and ABS pipe. Due to its long handles that add leverage, the RS2 is good for cutting up to 2" pipe. Pointed blade in RSP2 helps start the cut in tough plastics and helps avoid bounce in thin wall material. The two-hand RS2 features 2” capacity, extra wide, v-style jaws for easy alignment, and long handles for leverage on tough-to-cut pipe. Ratchet shears cut pipe used in gas, water, plumbing, and industrial applications. All ratchet shears’ blades can be easily sharpened or replaced, enhancing performance and saving money. These tools are not disposable and perform better, longer, and for less money over the tool’s lifetime.


  • Ratchet Shears are ideal for cutting PE, PP, PEX, and ABS pipe and tubing
  • Shears use smooth, ratchet action for easy cuts
  • Workhorse model with 2" nominal pipe/tubing capacity
  • Replace or resharpen blades for longer tool life and faster cuts
  • Extra wide jaws provide stability for pipe
  • Long, strong handles for two-hand operation

Ratchet Shears are NOT RECOMMENDED to cut PVC or CPVC for solvent cement weld connections because hairline fractures may occur when cutting PVC or CPVC.

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