Schedule 80 Clear PVC Pipe, 1/4 in. to 6 in. Size, 10 ft. Lengths

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Brand - GF Harvel

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The clarity and smooth interior walls of the Clear Schedule 40 PVC pipe make the pipe ideal for medical and hospital use, food and beverage processing, laboratory applications, chemical processing, electroplating and other applications that require visual monitoring and non-contaminating processes.

We offer the Harvel Clear™️ Piping System from GF Harvel , a leader in the plastics industry. Pipe has a slight blue tint.

This pipe is also available in two 5 ft. sections which allows it to be shipped by common carrier (eg. UPS and FedEx standard shipping options).

Harvel Clear™️ Piping System

GF Harvel Schedule 80 Clear PVC Pipe Spec Sheet


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