Scissor Shears, 1.3 in. Outside Diameter Cutting Capacity

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Scissor shears squeeze together for fast cutting of thin wall and small diameter PE, rubber, or nylon tubing. Rotate shears around tubing while squeezing handles together for best cut. PTFE-coated replacement blades for SC1 and SC125. Tougher stainless steel blades (SC1BSS) are better for cutting PVC. Knockout pin included with each new blade. Replacement blades available.


  • Ideal for cutting thin wall and small diameter plastic pipe or tubing, along with rubber or nylon tubing.
  • Feature a handle grip design for more secure hold.
  • Includes an industrial-grade, non-stick blade.
  • For safety and ease of operation, use Scissor Shears with blade on bottom.


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