GF Contain-It


The retrofit capability and chemical resistance of Contain-It™ make this an ideal choice for containment piping of chemical process lines. When you combine the advantages of Contain-It™ with George Fischer's complete line of thermoplastic piping systems, you'll see that you can use "one source" for all your process and waste piping needs.


  • Split pipe and fittings
  • Fits over virtually any carrier system
  • Lightweight, easy to install
  • Clear construction for visual leak detection
  • Interlocking construction
  • Engineered bonding media channels and flanges
  • Pre-drilled bonding media injection ports
  • Quick and easy fitting clips
  • Predetermined fitting clip locators


EPA Requirements

Federal, state and local regulations have been created to protect our environment from industrial pollution. Many of these regulations provide criminal penalties for owners, managers, and employees for environmental damage caused by chemical spills and leaks. Industry has been assessed clean-up expenditures which far exceed the costs to install protective measures. When penalties and fines are added to the costs of cleaning up spills and leaks, it becomes obvious that industry has a legal and financial responsibility for protecting our environment. The Contain-It Secondary Containment System from GF Piping Systems provides the necessary environmental protection at a fraction of potential clean-up costs. The system includes many features which yield benefits to the owner, engineer and installer.